Puffco Vision Plus


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  • FREE & FAST Shipping!
  • Psychedelic & Trippy Color
  • Matte Multi-Color Finish
  • All Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • No Coils
  • Built in "DART" Tool
  • Extra Large Ceramic Chamber
  • Silicone Mouth Tip 
  • Glowing Button 
  • Great Flavor & Vapor Density 

Puffco Vision Plus Review & Unboxing Video

This is a Puffco Vision Plus Unboxing video w/ a LIVE demo & first impressions. In this video we explore what’s included with the Puffco Vision Plus. Are you looking for the cleanest & tastiest vapor experience? Please Check out the Puffco Vision Plus! Here is an excellent concentrate vaporizer, sporting ZERO COILS & all ceramic atomizer, 520maH battery capacity, tool built into mouthpiece, & more. With all the new devices coming out, please like this video & subscribe to this channel to be notified when we drop another vape video. This is also a Puffco Vision Plus overview video which includes Puffco Vision Plus instructions and a Puffco Vision Plus How to Use.

Learn more about the Puffco Vision Plus:

    The Limited Edition Puffco Vision Plus is a psychedelic re-imagining of the very popular vape pen, the Puffco Plus. This portable device features all the clouds without any of the coils. The Puffco Vision Plus has a large ceramic atomizer that instantly heats up to give you the pure taste of your concentrates. This award winning vape has a ceramic heating atomizer, built-in “Dart” tool, and a psychedelic trippy theme. What makes this wax pen unique is that it was designed from the ground up for connoisseurs by connoisseurs – including all of the features all true enthusiasts look out for. Let’s start with the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece on the Puffco Vision Plus has a built-in tool for convenience & a silicone tip that prevents your lips from burning when the unit gets hot. The threads align smoothly & perfectly. You get a fast charging 520 mAh battery with 3 different temperatures and that has the beloved “Sesh” mode heating algorithm – Double click the button and you can use the Puffco Vision Plus handsfree. When it comes to vape pens, the flavor that you get with the Puffco Vision Plus is second to none. The ceramic atomizer is large enough to handle a medium size load efficiently & effectively. Here is an excellent concentrate vaporizer pen designed for the connoisseurs out there. Get the trippy Puffco Plus Vision before it’s too late!

    Stay tuned for an Official Eduvape.com Puffco Vision Plus Unboxing & Puffco Vision Plus Review video which will be linked here when availiable & also can be seen on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/eduvape & TheWeedTube channel www.theweedtube.com/u/eduvape

    Is the Puffco Vision Plus a Limited Edition item?

    No it is not. According to an IG comment on Puffco’s official Instagram, they clarified that the Puffco Vision Plus is not a limited edition item and regular restocks for kits, batteries, mouthpieces, and atomizers will occur. In our unboxing video at (0.14) we mistakenly mentioned that this item is limited edition when it was not.

    Puffco Vision Plus Kit:

    • FREE & FAST Shipping
    • Puffco Vision Plus Vape Pen
    • USB Super Charger
    • Cleaning Swabs
    • Two Colored Grips


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