Glob Mops XL 2.0


Size: 1 Pack
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  • Long lasting
  • Strong bamboo base
  • Highly absorbent cotton
  • 2 different tips - pointed and rounded
  • 3x more cleaning power vs. regular cotton swabs
  • 300 Glob Mops in each container
  • Perfect tool for any connoisseur

The New Glob Mops XL 2.0 have 3 times more cotton than the original v1 mops. BONUS 100 extra mops added in this newest version.

Glob Mops are versatile little tools that is perfectly designed for dabbers. It is a cotton swab that has been designed from the ground up to serve a new function. Glob Mops have 3x the cleaning power compared to regular cotton swabs. These versatile cotton buds have 2 different sides - a pointed tip and rounded tip. The pointed tip is perfect for hard to reach corners. The cotton is wound 20x tighter than regular cotton swabs so you won't have to worry about cotton sticking to your devices and glass. The rounded tip is super absorbent for mopping up excess residues. The stem is made of durable bamboo that won't snap while cleaning. 


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